God’s Guest


A short animation based on the death of the writer Anton Hanses Tammsaare and his last written sentence, ” God’s guest started on his journey home. When he reached his home and wanted to cross the threshold he fell down dead.”

I came across A.H.Tammsaare’s Museum in summer 2010 before I left Estonia to go to the Royal College of Art to study MA Animation. I returned to the place to find the subject for my first year film. It wasn’t easy as the research piled up to really see what inspired and attracted me to that place. Finally I returned to what sparked my interest in the first place, the sentence A.H.Tammsaare wrote before his death. To me it wasn’t only the poetic connection to his own death at his worktable but also what it means to an artist to die while creating. I felt like it made me question my artistic choice but also connect me to my Estonian roots. The story is not only about an important historical figure but to me it is also the death of Estonian Independence as the Soviet powers take over in 1940.

The film is now on in the gallery of A.H.Tammsaare’s Museum.

Here’s the link to the film.

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