What I Saw. What I Heard.

Girl at The Door

“I am not going to tell the story how it happened. I am going to tell the way I remember it.”

– Finn in Great Expectations (1998)

The idea of half-truths and misremembered stories capture my imagination. The tales told by my great-grandmother have stuck with me since childhood and this is where I turn to for inspiration.  I’m interested in parallel narratives that discuss similar subjects, in starkly different ways. This animation tells a story about loss and family. A phone call in the middle of the night wakes a girl who overhears her mother. This triggers a memory of her grandparents.My previous films Jam and God’s Guest, have experimented with multiple storyline and What I Saw. What I Heard. is a culmination of these efforts.  It is my graduation piece from Royal College of Art about loss and family relations.The tactility of material and working in a 3D environment together with lighting is an exciting and novel approach for me.

The film is on show from 20th of June- 30th of June at Royal College of Art, London.

Scything GrandmotherPhoneGrandadHands

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